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Watch Out For Scammers

RPEA Encourages Members to Be Aware of Phone Scams

The public service announcement below, which was created by The New York Attorney General’s office and the Alive Inside Foundation, encourages you to help put a stop to the Grandparents Scam.

Click the video below to watch:


The Federal Trade Commission has also provided recommendations on how to avoid scammers, which are included below and have become even more prevalent due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The current situation is causing more scammers to creep out of their dark corners and offer false hope (Home test kits! A cure!) and use fear (Your Social Security number is about to be revoked! Your loved one is in trouble!) – all to get your money or information. So, while you’re washing your hands and working to stay safe, here are a few ways you can help protect yourself and those you love from scammers.

  • Don’t be rushed. Whatever the call, email, text, or social media post is about, remember that scammers try to rush you. Legit people don’t.
  • Check it out. Before you act on something or share it – stop. Do some research. Do the facts back up the story?
  • Pass it on. If you get offered something great, or you’re worried about something alarming: talk to someone you trust before you act. What do they think?
  • Keep in touch with the FTC. Sign up for Consumer Alerts to help spot scams: And watch for the latest at
  • Report scams to the FTC. Go to Your report can help us shut the scammers down.
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