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The Retired Public Employees Association (RPEA) is a powerful advocate for current and future public service retirees. Founded in 1969, RPEA represents the interests of nearly 500,000 retirees, and their spouses and beneficiaries, from New York state and local governments, school districts and public authorities. We are a not-for-profit entity.

As New York’s only public retirement advocacy organization, we work exclusively on behalf of public service retirees and deal entirely with the protection and enhancement of your retirement benefits. We do not represent those who are still employed nor do we have affiliations with political parties or candidates financially or otherwise. We work for you.

As a former public employee, you contributed to a system that you trust will provide both financial and medical benefits in retirement. However, you should not take your benefits for granted. The benefits of public retirees are continuously under scrutiny, as all levels of government face serious budgetary issues. Your health insurance, Social Security and Medicare benefits are increasingly at risk.

RPEA does not endorse candidates for public office or contribute to any campaigns.


The mission of the Retired Public Employees Association is to protect, promote, develop and improve the pensions and related income, health benefits and quality of life for all current and future public retirees and their beneficiaries through the following means:

Advocacy and Lobbying
For help with retiree benefits and rights.

Personal Assistance
A reliable and accessible resource to address retirees’ questions and concerns.

Education and Communication
To provide retirees with the knowledge they need to navigate retirement.

Research and Analysis
Close monitoring of news, legislation and trends that impact retirees.

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