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Statement From Retired Public Employees Association in Response to Governor Cuomo Veto of S.4324

Bill would provide notification to retirees notice before changes to healthcare

Albany NY – New York’s 200,000 local public retirees are stunned and disappointed by Governor Cuomo’s veto of legislation that is designed to protect retirees from surprise changes to health insurance coverage by local municipalities.

The bill quite simply would require 45 days advance notice to their retirees before authorizing a change in health insurance plans, including associated costs of the amended plan to the retirees.

With the cost of health insurance rising constantly, it is essential that retirees and their families continue to be aware of the implications of proposed changes. This is especially true since retired public employees can be confronted after-the-fact with increased premium charges or co-pay amount that create a financial hardship on a population living on a fixed income. Allowing retirees to plan for changes to their health care is a small, but significant courtesy and they have earned the respect to receive notification.

“By vetoing this bill, Governor Cuomo has shown a complete disregard for New York State’s local retirees, their health and financial well-being,” said Jack McPadden, RPEA President. “New York State’s local public retirees deserve better!”

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