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RPEA Hosts Membership Town Hall

On March 7, RPEA hosted a Virtual Town Hall via Zoom. It was extremely successful, as nearly 250 members attended. Topics included: legislation, how to advocate with your local legislators, and benefits available through RPEA.

Attendees could submit questions utilizing the chat button as presentations were made, and there was a general wrap-up at the end when all remaining questions were answered. The live interactive format allowed attendees to participate in real-time, and the entire event lasted just one hour.

There were several speakers, including RPEA President Diana Hinchcliff, RPEA Executive Director Ed Farrell, RPEA Member Benefits Administrator Candy Marrero, and RPEA Lobbyist Kevin Cleary.

Additional topics covered included:

  • Benefits of RPEA membership, including dental, hearing, and vision care
  • Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA)
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities Care
  • RPEA’s COLA bill, which has been amended and includes a “catch-up” provision
  • Nassau County lawsuit relating to RPEA advocacy efforts to stop the diminishment of benefits for public service retirees
  • Single-Payer legislation

Click below to watch the virtual Town Hall event.

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