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Call to Action: RPEA Urges Retirees to Contact State Legislators

Following RPEA’s testimony before the Legislature’s Joint Fiscal Committees Budget Hearing in February, RPEA contacted leadership to reinforce our testimony. The budget hearings are over, revenue projections are being negotiated, and one-house budget resolutions are being prepared.

RPEA Call to Action: What can you do?

If you are in the NYSHIP Empire Plan, you are affected by the skilled nursing care inequity and potentially the IRMAA cut, depending on your income. Now is the time to contact your legislators. Ask that their one-house budget resolutions contain funds for these two NYSHIP items:

  • Restore full access to skilled nursing facility care that Empire Plan retirees lose upon turning 65 (120 days down to 0).
  • Restore the proposed elimination of IRMAA reimbursement. IRMAA is paid by certain retirees as a surcharge on their Medicare premium, based upon income. The Legislature has restored this cut in prior budgets.

The pension COLA bill (S.6307/A.7023) needs to be passed this session but is not part of negotiations on the upcoming budget, since it does not take effect until next year. The Comptroller needs time to determine all additional payments due. The bill is being amended (all the core provisions remain the same) and is awaiting a new fiscal note. The bill numbers will remain the same but will show up as S.6307-A/A7023-A, noting that they were amended.

Not sure who your legislator is?

Click Here to find your Senator.
Click Here to find your Assembly Member.
Click Here to see RPEA’s letter to leadership.

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