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Statement from RPEA Executive Director Edward Farrell Following a Temporary Restraining Order Decision by Supreme Court Judge Lyle Frank

RPEA Executive Director Edward Farrell said, “The Retired Public Employees Association, representing 500,000 state and local government employees, applauds the judge’s decision to issue a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), which is a positive step forward for retirees and their beneficiaries, and prevents any rushed decisions from being made.”

“Public employees work their entire career with the promise and expectation that when they retire, their existing benefits will be preserved. However, the City of New York’s proposal to move all retirees and beneficiaries out of traditional Medicare and switch them to a privately administered Medicare Advantage plan could increase out of pocket expenses and reduce treatment options, since not all health providers accept Medicare Advantage. RPEA stands in solidarity with the 250,000 New York City retirees and beneficiaries whose health benefits are in jeopardy of being diminished.”

Farrell added, “RPEA firmly believes that health benefits should not be diminished for those who have already retired.”




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