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RPEA Statement Regarding Health Insurance for Rockland County Retirees

RPEA President Jack McPadden has written to Toney Earl, Chairman of the Rockland County Legislature, raising questions regarding the proposed change in provider for retiree health insurance – from the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) to Aetna Medicare Advantage.

McPadden stated, “Rockland County retirees are very fortunate that the County Code contains explicit language stating that retirees shall receive the same level of benefits as they received on the last day of employment. Contrary to that provision of law, no such comparison has been presented.

Serious issues need to be addressed such as coverage for retirees who may live outside of Aetna’s service area, as well, will the county continue to reimburse retirees for the Medicare Part B premium? We urge the Legislature to consider the important issues involved and to take action only after a thorough review, consistent with the provision contained in the County Code.”

Jody Fox, Chair of the Rockland-Orange RPEA Chapter added, “Access to affordable, reliable, health insurance in retirement is a benefit earned through years of public service. On behalf of all the retirees, I ask that the County just follow the law.”

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