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RPEA is Calling on the Governor and Legislature to Include Retirees in Veteran Credits

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Include Retirees in Veteran Credits

ALBANY, NY (11/12/2015) Edward C. Farrell, Executive Director of the Retired Public Employees Association, today called upon Governor Cuomo and the Legislature to include veterans who have already retired in the proposal which is being developed regarding veteran credits.

Farrell noted “We are pleased that there is a renewed commitment to correct the inequity in law as it relates to veterans who served in more recent military conflicts. Some of these veterans most certainly have already retired from state or local government, and they must be included in this new legislation. There is no rational reason not to include them”.

Veterans who fall within the military conflicts identified in the new bill are authorized to purchase up to three years of eligible military service to be credited as employment for the purpose of calculating a final retirement. In the instance of those who have already retired, a new pension calculation would be determined.

Farrell concluded “If the current inequity in law is going to be corrected, it most certainly should include veterans who have already retired”.

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