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RPEA at the State Fair

At the suggestion of the Central New York Chapter Chair Dawn Bennett, RPEA will have a booth at the New York State Fair, which runs August 23rd-September 4th, in Syracuse.

Our booth will be located in the Center of Progress Building, first building on the left, just inside the main gate.

The Board authorized RPEA’s participation as an opportunity to disseminate information as to why it is a bad idea to convene a constitutional convention. As a secondary objective, such exposure might serve as a recruitment tool to attract new members.

Dawn has recruited volunteers from her Chapter to help “staff” the booth. Several other chapters have also volunteered to provide assistance. If you attend the State Fair, or are interested in helping with this endeavor, please contact Dawn Bennett at 315-437-7464 or There are still some open time slots available. RPEA will provide materials that will be available for distribution at the booth.

This is our first attempt at such an activity, and if successful, chapters may want to consider participating in local county fairs, or similar events.

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