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Governor Vetoes RPEA Bill Regarding Local Healthcare Changes

Just before the start of the new year, Governor Cuomo vetoed our bill which would require local governments to provide 30 days advance notice prior to authorizing a change in retiree health insurance coverage. Currently, there is no statutory requirement for any notification. There was no Veto Message from the Governor as to why the bill was vetoed. The bill had been passed unanimously in each house.

This is the third time Cuomo has vetoed various versions of this bill. The first bill required 90 days notice, and was vetoed for being too long a time period to implement, and a burden on local governments. Last year, the time frame was reduced to 45 days, and the Governor vetoed it along with what he termed “pension enhancements”. This year, with the notice requirement further reduced to 30 days, it was vetoed without comment.

Click Here to read RPEA’s full statement regarding the Governor’s Veto

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