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Constitutional Convention- Spread the Word…Vote “NO”

The New York Constitution contains a provision that every twenty years the voters are asked if they want to convene a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) for the purpose of amending the constitution. That question will be on the November 2017 Ballot.

In order to inform you about the issues surrounding possibly convening a convention, RPEA will be running certain questions and answers about the topic. This is the first installment of an on-going effort to “get the word out”.

What are some of the important provisions currently in the state constitution?

  • The constitution contains certain provisions important to the quality of life, such as: free public education; collective bargaining; workers’ compensation; and environmental protections, including forever wild; among others.

Are there provisions in the constitution that directly affect public retirees?

  • Article 5, section 7: Public pensions cannot be reduced once an employee is enrolled.
  • Article 16, section 5 states: Public pensions are exempt from state income tax.
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