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Newsday: Retirees’ benefits must stay protected

As seen in Newsday on January 3, 2024.

Nassau County CSEA retirees worked their entire careers with the promise and expectation that their existing and earned benefits would be preserved once they retire [“Judge rules for CSEA retirees,” Long Island, Dec. 20]. Any deviation resulting in a lapse in coverage, increase in out-of-pocket expenses, or reduction in treatment options is an absolute betrayal and totally unfair. Especially for an aging population living on a fixed income.

The Retired Public Employees Association, which represents the interests of nearly 500,000 New York State and local government retirees and their beneficiaries, applauds the decision to put a temporary hold on the proposed health plan for Nassau County CSEA retirees. Breaking a promise with these people who kept our communities healthy and safe is unconscionable.

Local leaders should do the right thing. The benefits that these retirees have earned must be protected by restoring the benefits provided through the Empire Plan.

— Edward Farrell, RPEA Executive Director, Albany

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