RPEA 2019 Legislative Program

Federal Issues


State Issues

2019-2020 is a new legislative session. All bills from the prior session no longer exist, and new bills (with new bill numbers) have to be introduced. That process is now underway.

Listed below, are bills make up our Legislative Agenda. As the new session continues, this list will change as new bills are introduced and assigned bill numbers.

Bills Introduced for 2019 Legislative Session 

Issues Raised at Budget Hearing

Click to read RPEA’s Testimony at Budget Hearing

Legislative Representative

Kevin Cleary Government Relations is our lobbyist. Kevin has 36 years experience in the workings of state government.

Kevin will be collaborating with colleagues Tim Sheridan and David Langdon on our issues. Both have extensive legislative experience in the capitol. Combined, the three have over 100 years in legislative/advocacy experience.