We Did It!!!

Con Con goes down in defeat-BIG TIME!

By a margin of 78-22%, voters overwhelmingly rejected the question of convening a constitutional convention. RPEA has been a leading voice in calling for the defeat, and has been active for more than a year to achieve this victory.

As you recall, it was not that long ago when early polls showed public support for convening a Con Con. Additionally, many newspapers across the state endorsed the concept. Facing this uphill battle, RPEA stepped up our efforts to “get the word out”-with obvious success.

Beside numerous articles in our Newsletter and repeated stories in the e-news, RPEA also undertook many advocacy efforts to defeat the Con Con proposal, including taking a booth for all 13 days of the State Fair to disseminate information. More than 1 million people attended the Fair.

We also participated in nearly twenty forum/roundtable discussions across the state regarding the ballot question.

In addition to those activities, RPEA initiated a series of public outreach efforts including letters to the editor, articles, and informational pieces which appeared in the following newspapers/outlets:

Other public education/outreach efforts included the distribution of:

RPEA also partnered with other associations and unions in opposition to the ballot question. All of these efforts paid off with the resounding victory we were able to achieve. To have consistency in our message, RPEA enlisted the help of Uncle Sam- so we give a “shout out” to Uncle Sam.

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While our efforts were substantial, this victory could not have been achieved without your support by going to the polls and voting NO. Congratulations to you all, on a job well done!

Other Ballot Proposal Results

The other two proposals on the ballot both PASSED. These two initiatives would: