Pension Tax by State

Will Your NYS Pension be Taxed If You Move to Another State?

If you are considering moving to another state, you should be mindful of the fact that states often enact, amend, and repeal their tax laws; please contact their Revenue Agency yourself to verify that the information is accurate. The following taxability information was obtained from each state’s web site.

We also strongly recommend that you do some further preparation, such as discussing the matter with your tax advisor, before making important decisions that may affect the taxability of your pension and other retirement income.

Information updated 6/13/2019.

State Income Tax Tax NY
Tax IRC 457’s or
Tax Social
Alabama Yes No Yes No NYS pension exempt as a defined benefit plan.
Tax info: 334-242-1170 or
Alaska No No No No No income tax. Tax info: 907-269-6620 or
Arizona Yes Yes Yes No Tax info: 800-352-4090 or
Arkansas Yes Yes Yes No Exclude up to $6,000 of pension and annuity
income; traditional IRA qualifies; tax info: 501-682-1100 or Arkansas Tax Department
California Yes Yes Yes No Tax info: 800-852-5711 or
Colorado Yes Yes Yes Yes* Pension/social security deduction; Over 65 exclude up to $24,000;                        Tax info: 303-238-7378 or
Connecticut Yes Yes Yes Yes* Less than $50,000 (single) and $60,000 (married), you can subtract Social Security. If above these amounts, complete worksheet to determine tax. Info: 860-297-5962 or
Delaware Yes Yes Yes No 60 and over, exclusion up to $12,500; under age 60, exclusion limited to $2,000. Tax info:302-577-8200 or
Dist. Of
Yes Yes Yes No DC tax info: 202-727-4829 or or
Florida No No No No No income tax. Tax info: 800-352-3671 or 850-488-6800 or
Florida Tax Department
Georgia Yes Yes Yes No Retirement income exclusion from $35,000 to $65,000. Tax info: 404-417-6501 or 877-423-6177 or
Hawaii Yes No Yes* No Employer funded pension plans exempt, *these self-funded plans may be fully or partly taxable. Tax info: 800-222-3229 or
Idaho Yes Yes Yes No Tax info: 800-972-7660 or
Illinois Yes No No No Tax info: 800-732-8866 or Illinois Tax Department
Indiana Yes Yes Yes No May have county tax; call 317-232-2240 or
Iowa Yes Yes Yes No *Pension/retirement income exclusion $6,000 or $12,000 based on filing status and age; SS not taxed but included in worksheets; tax info: 515-281-3114 or
Kansas Yes Yes Yes Yes, If federal income is less than $75,000, Social Security is exempt. Tax info: 785-368-8222 or
Kentucky Yes Yes Yes No Exclusion up to $41,110 for pension and annuity. Tax info: 502-564-4581 or
Louisiana Yes Yes Yes No Over 65 retirement income exclusion up to $6,000 (single).
Maine Yes Yes Yes No Deduct up to $6,000 of pension and annuity income; reduced by social security received. Tax info: 207-626-8475 or
Maryland Yes Yes Yes No Over 65, taxable pension and annuity exclusion up to $29,900. Tax info: 800-638-2937 or
Massachusetts Yes Yes Yes No Reciprocal pension exclusion with NY: if over 59 ½,can exclude up to $20,000. Tax info: 617-887-6367 or Massachusetts Tax Department
Michigan Yes Yes* Yes No NYS pension taxed as “private” pension. Allowable exclusions depend on your age: $49,811 (single). Born after 1952, pension is not deductible
517-636-4486 or
Minnesota Yes Yes Yes Yes* “Over 65 subtraction,” schedule with age and income requirements. Tax info: 800-652-9094 or
Mississippi Yes No No No Retirement income and Social Security not taxable. Tax info: 601-923-7700 or
Missouri Yes Yes Yes Yes*  Deduct public pension up to $36,976 or maximum social security benefit, if Missouri income is less than $85,000 (single) and $100,000 (married). For higher incomes, may qualify for partial exemption. Tax info: 573-751-3505 or
Montana Yes Yes Yes Yes* Pension exclusion up to $4,110. *Social Security worksheet to determine taxable amount. Tax info:
866-859-2254 or
Nebraska Yes Yes Yes Yes* Tax info: 800-742-7474 or Nebraska Tax Department
Nevada No No No No No income tax. Tax info: 866-962-3707 or
Yes* No No No 5% tax on interest & dividends. Tax info: 603-230-5000 or
New Jersey Yes Yes Yes No $30,000 (single), $40,000 (joint). Tax info: 609-292-6400 or
New Mexico Yes Yes Yes Yes,* Up to $8,000 exclusion. Tax info:505-827-0700 or
New York Yes No Yes No Up to $20,000 exclusion for pension, annuity or Def. Comp. Tax info: 518-457-5181 or
Yes Yes Yes No Bailey Settlement Only. Tax info: 877-252-3052 or
Yes Yes Yes Yes* Tax info: 701-328-1247 or
Ohio Yes Yes Yes No Retirement Income Credit $200. Tax info: 800-282-1780 or
Oklahoma Yes Yes Yes No Retirement Exclusion up to $10,000.  Tax info: 405-521-3160 or
Oregon Yes Yes Yes No Over 62, retirement income credit. Tax info: 800-356-4222 or
Pennsylvania Yes No No No  Commonly recognized retirement benefits are not taxable for PA purpose if you retired and met the requirements for retirement under your employer’s plan.      Tax info: 717-787-8201 or facts line 888-PATAXES or
Rhode Island Yes Yes Yes Yes* In 2017, tax break re: Social Security. Tax info: 401-222-1040 or
Yes Yes Yes No Retirement income deduction up to $3,000 until age 65. At 65, up to $10,000. All residents over 65, are eligible for an income tax deduction of $15,000, reduced by retirement income deduction. Tax info: 844-898-8542 or
South Dakota No No No No No income tax. Tax info: 605-773-3311 or
Tennessee Yes* No No No Hall Income tax on bonds, interest & dividends from stock.. Tax info:
615-253-0600 or
Texas No No No No No income tax. Tax info 800-248-4093 or
Utah Yes Yes Yes Yes Retirement tax credit, with income limits. Tax 800-662-4335 or
Vermont Yes Yes Yes Yes* Tax info: 802-828-2865 or
Virginia Yes Yes* Yes No Over 65 exclusion up to $12,000. *Previously taxed retirement plans
can be subtracted. Tax info: 804-367-8031 or
Washington No No No No No income tax. Tax info 800-647-7706 or
West Virginia Yes Yes Yes Yes* Seniors tax relief may exclude up to $8,000. Tax info: 800-982-8297 or
Wisconsin Yes Yes Yes No Exclude up to $5,000 of retirement income, with income requirement. Tax info: 608-266-2486 or
Wyoming No No No No No income tax. Tax info: 307-777-5542 or