Policy Statements

Provide Income Security

Preserve Access to Affordable Health Care Insurance

Protect the Integrity of the Public Service Pension System

Preserve Constitutional Protections

On the ballot this November voters will be asked if they want to convene a convention for the purpose of amending the state constitution. This ballot question is required every 20 years, pursuant to a provision in the constitution.

In addition to the provisions which prevent the diminution of public pensions and the fact that such pensions are exempt from state income taxes, there are other existing provisions in the constitution which enhance the quality of life for New Yorkers. These provisions include: workers’ compensation, the right to belong to a union and bargain collectively, provide social welfare to those in need, free public education, environmental provisions including “forever wild”, among others.

Furthermore, there is no commission in place to identify existing constitutional provisions which might need amending. Hence, everything is on the table.

For these reasons, RPEA opposes the convening of a constitutional convention.


RPEA seeks to preserve and maintain
adequate and affordable health insurance
coverage for every public retiree.

Arbitrary distinctions should be avoided
when pension benefits are improved.
Survivors’ benefits to pensioners’
families should be kept current.

Income Security w-Banner

Improve Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs)
to enable retirees to combat inflation and
maintain their standard of living.

 We advocate for process reform to ensure
openness and accountability in order to
prevent abuse of public pension systems.