RPEA 2017 Legislative Program

Final Status as of June 21, 2017

Federal Issues


State Issues

Memorandum of Support In Red

Committee Status: Senate-Assembly

Status: We were successful in having these items removed from the budget.

Status: Passed Senate – Reported to Ways & Means

Status: Passed Senate unanimously – Governmental Employees

Status: Senate Calendar – Governmental Employees

Status: Passed Senate unanimously – Passed Assembly

Status: Reported to Finance – Reported to Ways & Means

Status: Civil Service & Pensions – Governmental Employees

Status: Civil Service & Pensions – Reported to Rules

Status: Reported to Finance – Governmental Employees

Status: Govermental Employees

Status: Civil Service & Pensions – Held at Sponsor’s Request – Governmental Employees

Status: Investigations & Government Operations – Ways and Means


Legislative Representative

RPEA has retained Kevin Cleary Government Relations as our lobbyist for the 2017 legislative session. Kevin has 36 years experience in the workings of state government.

Kevin will be collaborating with colleagues Tim Sheridan and David Langdon on our issues. Both have extensive legislative experience in the capitol. Combined, the three have over 100 years in legislative/advocacy experience.